Intro: Finding the first few service providers for your marketplace

It’s now time to start finding epic service providers for your marketplace.

Why epic? Why not just anyone? Each service provider represents others on the platform. Don’t devalue your platform by letting just any service provider join.

Remember: Quality over quantity. The quality of your service providers can make or break your marketplace when starting out.

Tapping into an existing network is a great place to start. That’s what I did when starting the Unicorn Factory in New Zealand. No network? Not to worry. I didn’t have one when I started in Canada. A system plus personal outreach made it happen. 

Keep going: I’ve found that the tipping point is between 12 - 20 service providers. 

In this part of the MVMP Pre-Launch course, we’re going to:
  • Create a prospecting table for outreach
  • Use Airtable’s Web Clipper Chrome Extension to capture information quickly
  • Create personalized emails using Airtable and Zapier

Once you’ve completed this section, it will be time to focus on building traction, growing our outreach lists, and completing the bonus materials

See you in the next module.