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Stripe Connect with make.com

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Learn how to use Stripe Connect to create a payment system for two-sided marketplaces. You will learn how to take payments on behalf of your sellers and then pay them out automatically.

What we cover

Stripe Connect Payment Links

1. Welcome to the Stripe Connect Series!
2. Adding sellers accounts
3. Creating the seller onboarding workflow
4. Monitoring Account Updates
5. Creating seller validation for product listings
6. Creating the "Add Product" workflow
7. Creating the "Add Price" workflow
8. Creating Connect Payment Links
9. Creating the Airtable Store
10. Tracking transactions
11. The Seller Express Dashboard
12. Cleaning up Stripe and what's next?

Stripe Connect Invoices

13. Creating invoices with Stripe Connect
14. Creating a customer in Stripe
15. Adding subcontractors to your Stripe Account
16. Adding an invoice item to a customers account
17. Creating the invoice in Stripe
18. Finalizing the invoice and sending it
19. Reviewing invoice payments and payouts

Bonus Section

Bonus - Monitoring account updates with Airtable Automations
Bonus - How to make Stripe API calls work in Zapier
How to automatically charge and send finalized invoices
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